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  • Enviro Carpet Wiz CARPET WIZ is a revolutionary new product because of it’s fast acting formula. You can clean your carpets faster and remove stains at the same time, which makes your job easier by saving time and money. There is no need to add solution to the injectors or solution tank after using CARPET WIZ as a pre-spray, just rinse & extract with...

  • Dominant PX 88L PX88L contains a blend of biodegradable low foam detergents for effective cleaning and no excessive foam build up in pick up tanks. The high level of water softeners used enhances cleaning and protects machine pumps from scale deposits. PX88L is mildly alkaline at use levels and so is suitable for use on all types of carpets including wool.

  • Enviro Defoamer Defoamer is a Super Concentrated New tech Anti-Foam. In the Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Industry Defoamer is a product to reduce foam in the recovery tank of injection cleaning equipment.

  • Enviro Green Solve Enviro Green Solve is non corrosive, low toxic enviro friendly and user friendly product with citrus aroma. It is designed to remove difficult things like marker pen, ink, paint, wax, tar, adhesive, sticky tape and labels. It is safe on kitchen cabinets, carpets, upholstery, painted surfaces, stainless and aluminium surfaces.

  • Enviro Revive It REVIVE-IT is a specialised spray & wipe designed to clean, polish, protect and revive vinyl and leather. Revive-it will restore your furniture and lounges to their immaculate state. Revive-it with it’s pleasant fragrance will leave your home, office or your vehicle with a refreshing appeal.

  • Enviro Exotic Rainforest Exotic rainforest is an Ultra Concentrate Odour Absorber, Odour Neutralizer, Air freshener & Deodoriser.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items