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  • Dominant Shanty Wash A basic and extremely economical laundry powder suitable for front and top loading machines. Most effective in soft to moderately hard water, at all washing temperatures.

  • Dominant Village Wash An economical laundry detergent with low – medium foam detergent system making it suitable for front or top loading washing machines. Can be used in cold water, but warm is advised.

  • Dominant Clinic Antibacterial Laundry Powder which is suitable for both top and front loading machines. When used at the recommended level at 40˚C Clinic is independently proven to pass the requirements of the Australian Laundry Standard AS4146:2000 for disinfection in the laundry. This allows clothes that can not be washed hot to be cleaned and...

  • Dominant Motel Premium quality laundry powder containing an activated oxygen bleach system and stain removing enzymes which means no pre-wash or additional bleaches required in normal soiling conditions. Motel also contains low foaming detergents making it suitable for use in both front and top loading machines. Best results achieved at 50-60˚C.

  • Enviro Laundry Powder Top Loader Enviro Laundry Powder is a new and innovative concentrate laundry powder with a fast dissolving formula that targets stubborn stains and leaves your clothes totally clean in every aspect.

  • Enviro-Matic Laundry Powder Front Loader Enviro-Matic Laundry Powder is a new and innovative concentrate front loading laundry powder with a fast dissolving formula that targets stubborn stains and leaves your clothes totally clean in every aspect.

  • Dominant Blue Lake Blue Lake is a quality laundry detergent, which gives excellent results in front and top loading washing machines or hand washing. Phosphate free.

  • Dominant Domzyme Domzyme is a highly concentrated laundry liquid with enzymes which help break down blood stains and many food deposits. pH neutral for sensitive skin.

  • Dominant Woolwash Woolwash is ideal for woollens and other fine fabrics is phosphate free, and suitable for hand washing and use in top loading washing machines. Leaves clothes with a fresh floral lavender fragrance.

  • Dominant Fabric Softener Highly concentrated softener with fresh waterlily fragrance. Fabric Softener softens fabrics and reduces static shock and cling. Fabric Softener also contains a blend of 2 anti microbial additives to assist in infection control.

  • Enviro Laundry Liquid Enviro Laundry Liquid “Phosphate Free” “A breakthrough in how you wash your clothes” “Cost effective”.

  • Enviro Pre Wash Plus PRE-WASH Plus is the latest design in laundry technology, an innovative super concentrate Laundry Pre Wash Additive / Pre Spray all in one.

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items